About This Platform

We're on a mission to create 5,000 new, longterm land owners.

We're achieving this by providing vetted land sellers with an excellent matchmaking platform. Weekly, we present properties to thousands of people (our email subscribers) resulting in more deals closed and more longterm land owners created.

Our listing managers exist to connect land buyers with land sellers.

We're like Zillow but just for land people!

Land Buyers

are missing out on opportunities only shared a few places online!


is a matchmaking service
for people interested in land!

Land Sellers

are missing out on opportunities to present their land deal to more buyers!

About Guidelot

With so many people constantly moving and looking for greener pastures, Guidelot is reimagining rural land real estate to help make life’s next chapter a little less complicated. The company offers clients an on-demand experience with transparency that includes nearly seamless end-to-end service in several markets across the country while giving land sellers control over their time through the provision of marketing services.

Founding Land Aficionado


Hello(!), my name is Micah. I am the owner and operator of Guidelot. My goal with Guidelot is to make land buying personal and accessible for everyone. I understand purchasing land can sometimes be intimidating, and it’s hard to know who you’re dealing with online. I decided to build an online land marketplace where vetted land sellers can connect with real land buyers. If you have comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out: micah@guidelot.com or connect with our network members on Facebook.



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