Land for Sale – On Zoning Ordinances

Zoning is the process of dividing land into zones that have different uses. Zoning ordinances establish standards for what can be built in each zone, and zoning laws govern how property owners may use their land. These are all important factors to know when looking at rural areas - no matter if you're a new resident or long-time renter, these 7 things will help you get started on understanding your area's...

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What can I do with my rural land lot property?

The possibilities are endless. That is, as long as what you want to do with your land falls within the zoning and deed restrictions, and doesn't break any rules. In order to find out what you are allowed to do with your property, you may have to do a little digging. 1. ZONING - Check with the county zoning and planning department to see how your property is zoned. This will largely determine the land use...

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What should I do if my land lot property is landlocked?

If you have a piece of property with no access, you've likely never realized the opportunities as your fingertips. While having access to your property is a requirement to sell in most situations, we have a few workarounds for you. 1) Reach out to the adjacent property owners and see if they'd be interested in adding your acreage to theirs. There is a high likelihood one of these neighbors will be...

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What is this time limit to build?

Depending on where your property is located, you may have a time limit to build attached to its ownership. This is due to local ordinances at either the county, city, or subdivision/HOA level. The reason is mainly tied to the zoning and development plans for the area. Some parts of town will require you to build a certain style of home, a certain size home, and within a certain amount of time to ensure...

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