Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the properties on this platform so cheap?

Many of the land sellers on Guidelot purchase properties in very large volume – they receive reduced rates, the savings for which they are then able to pass on to buyers at deeply discounted or “wholesale” prices.

Will a land seller meet a land buyer in person?

Most land sellers on the Guidelot platform rarely if ever meet they buyers of their properties. The entire process is done remotely using email, an online payment platform, phone, mail and fax. The efficiency of this business model allows land sellers to pass the savings on to you, the buyer.

What else can the land seller tell me about the property?

The majority of land sellers on Guidelot purchase real property for the sole purpose of re-selling it.  In the interest of transparency, everything land sellers know about each parcel is disclosed in the listing and nothing is withheld. Follow up with every seller to confirm property details over email.

What about perc tests? Will land sellers pay for those?

The majority of the time, Land sellers will not pay for your title insurance, your survey, your perc test, your septic inspection, your well installation, your fence construction or any other costs which would reasonably be viewed as the buyer’s responsibility.

What about a survey? Will land sellers pay for a survey?

No. The properties sold by land sellers on Guidelot have been discounted way below market value to comfortably accommodate these additional costs for the buyer. Any survey required of the land is the buyer’s responsibility.

Will sellers on Guidelot pay for title insurance?

The majority of land sellers on Guidelot will not pay for title insurance when they are the Buyer and they expect the buyer of the property to pay for title insurance when acquiring the property.

Some land sellers on Guidelot often mention closing through a “Title/Escrow Company.” How long does that take?

If you’re a cash buyer with no lender involved it should take no more than four weeks, particularly if land sellers on Guidelot have already closed on the property through possibly the same title company in the last four months. That being said, title companies are notoriously “deliberate” and it’s always safe to budget six weeks total to accommodate their methodical nature.

I want to purchase a property but how do I know that this entire platform is for real?

For any potential buyers skeptical of the legitimacy of this platform, Guidelot encourages you to close through a title/escrow company. This will allow a third party intermediary to handle both the drawing up and recording of the deed as well as your money. We should mention, however, that this will incur additional costs and those costs will be the responsibility of you, the buyer. Similarly, in order to enter escrow there must be a signed Sale/Purchase agreement between Buyer and Seller.

What about an RV? Can I park an RV on the property?

Guidelot encourages sellers to call the county directly and ask them. In most counties an RV can be parked on but not lived in and is only allowed as a temporary living quarters if the land owner is in the process of building a permanent structure. This, however, usually requires the land owner to apply for a Building Permit. It should be noted, however, that many counties grant very lengthy building permits and allow you to renew them for equal periods of time even if you haven’t built anything. Put another way, sometimes a Building Permit is an effective way to permanently park an otherwise unlawful vehicle on the land for indefinite periods of time.

What is the significance of the ‘Recorded Deed’?

The deed is the legal document that proves ownership. The recorded deed is the one that has been recognized by the county. This means it will have a sticker or stamp with county identification on it indicating the Book, Page or Document Number of where this deed can be found in the county’s files.

Do sellers prorate the property taxes when buyers buy their property?


No, land sellers on Guidelot usually do not. Lots of taxes on these vacant lands are pretty low and land sellers on Guidelot end up trying to split pennies. Land sellers may pay the outstanding taxes and any new taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Is APN the same as a Parcel Number?

Yes, APN stands for Assessor’s Parcel Number or more commonly referred to as the parcel number.

How should I title the property? 

There are all kinds of ways to own a property.

How much are property taxes?

The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. Please see the tax information section in each individual listing or, for further information, contact the Treasurer’s office in the county in which the parcel is located.

Can we use escrow to close?

Yes. You may be expected to cover the expense.

I want to purchase one of a seller’s property on Guidelot but am curious to know if I can build or do X, Y and Z on the land?

While most land sellers on Guidelot do a great deal of research on the properties they buy and sell, their research is typically limited to making sure they can convey clear title and that there are no back taxes or liens associated with the land. Because the land sellers can not anticipate every question they may receive, nor can they know all of the zoning ordinances in any given county (much less multiple counties), Guidelot always encourage all buyers to go directly to the source and speak to the people who work in either the Planning & Zoning Office or the Assessor’s Office of that specific county. Those offices’ websites and contact information are provided on each of our listing pages and will be a far more authoritative source of information about what the county does and does not allow then any land seller ever provide.

May I put shipping containers on my purchased land?

There are all kinds of local guidelines that are different from one side of the street to the other in some cases. Check the local rules. Maybe you can add some wheels that may get around the zoning, lots of tiny home people on YouTube seem to be doing that. Get creative with it. The zoning guys tell you what you can’t do and you have to figure what you can do from there

May I put a trailer on my newly acquired property?

Hopefully, but you really need to ask the local zoning.

Does the land Perc?

Not sure on most of these. Please go on YouTube and search for how to perc test land. There are lots of off grid build types making very informative videos on this subject. They teach you how to dig a hole about the size of a 5 gallon bucket. Then pour water in the hole and time how long it takes to soak in. Depending on local codes the depth of the hole and the diameter of the hole are dictated. The volume of water is dictated too. Then there is a local guideline about if it takes longer than the allotted time to drain then the land does not perk. These land deals are very do it yourself. You can go perc test any of my land before you buy it. Watch the YouTube videos on how to do it. Then you can feel a lot more comfortable about installing a septic system before buying land.

Do I need an attorney or a real estate agent to buy or sell land?

No, but they sure do a lot of marketing to make you think so. Real estate agents tend to market land for what it might be worth if the right buyer comes along some day. We market land for a quick sale excluding their fees to get the end user the best price.

Can I mail in payments for terms?

No, land sellers on Guidelot are required to use trusted online payment platforms. Do not send land sellers payments by mail.

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