What can I do with my rural land lot property?

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Rural Land Considerations with Lucas from Lot Deals Inc.

The possibilities are endless. That is, as long as what you want to do with your land falls within the zoning and deed restrictions, and doesn’t break any rules.

In order to find out what you are allowed to do with your property, you may have to do a little digging. 1. ZONING – Check with the county zoning and planning department to see how your property is zoned. This will largely determine the land use for your property, for example, residential, commercial, vacant land, agriculture, etc.

2. DEED RESTRICTIONS & OTHER RULES – If there is a greater governing body, such as a subdivision, HOA, or POA, check their website or ask for a copy of their bylaws, covenants, and deed restrictions. For example, some areas only allow for single family homes of 1,000 sq foot livable areas and above, with a paved driveway, and only allows earth tones colors.

3. ASK PERMISSION – If you’re ever in doubt of what you can do with your property, call the county and provide the legal description or APN. It may take a few tries to get the right person, but trust us… it’s better to ask for permission than for forgiveness when it comes to your land use. Forgiveness is much more expensive.

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