What should I do if my land lot property is landlocked?

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Landlocked Information from Jason with Bana Land
If you have a piece of property with no access, you’ve likely never realized the opportunities as your fingertips. While having access to your property is a requirement to sell in most situations, we have a few workarounds for you.
1) Reach out to the adjacent property owners and see if they’d be interested in adding your acreage to theirs. There is a high likelihood one of these neighbors will be interested and will already be familiar with your property.
2) Ask the adjoining neighbors who have access, if they’re interested in selling their property to you. Now when you go to market to sell, you’ll have more acreage and guaranteed physical access. Selling just got a lot easier.
3) As a last resort, request a survey of the property and file for an easement and right of way through your neighbors property in order to reach yours. Most landowners do not welcome easements through their property with open arms, but some states make it illegal for adjacent owners to keep you from accessing your property. Getting a decent attorney for this isn’t a bad idea.
If you have some landlocked property you’d like to sell or need navigating any of the above steps, reach out and we are happy to help in any way we can!

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